Brilliant bathroom trends you don’t want to miss this year - part 3

The natural look

The tactile texture of warm wood is the ideal partner for smart stone if you want to give your bathroom some earthy elegance.

Natural materials will not only add character and warmth to your room, but they’ll also help to soften the sleek lines of modern sanitaryware. Whether you’re after a traditional, modern, rustic, period or minimalist look, there are plenty of materials you can use to transform your space.

Say it with stone

Basins and baths carved from stone can add an unusual, rugged element to any scheme. Be careful if you’re opting for a stone or composite bath, though, as they can be heavy, so you'll need to make sure that your floor joists can take the weight. Stone tiles are a timeless option for both walls and floors, but check that they’re slip resistant and sealed properly to prevent potential leaks.

Try touchable Surfaces

How things feel is an important part of a relaxing bathroom experience, and natural materials are wondefully tactile. Think textured wallcoverings, antique taps and wooden elements, such as shelving and duckboards.

Go with the grain

Wooden panelling is not only ideal for adding character, but it’s a great insulator, too, so it’ll keep the room warm in winter. Tongue and groove is a good option for period schemes, while large panels of wood-effect composite are a perfect addition to a modern shower cubicle. Because of high moisture levels in bathrooms, wooden floors are best avoided – if you do use them, ensure your timber’s properly treated and the room is well ventilated. You should seal original floorboards before and after installation, too.

Fall for faux

If natural stone is too expensive, then try one of the many realistic fakes. Stone-effect porcelain or ceramic tiles are good alternatives to granite or limestone. For furniture, consider laminate or foil-wrap finishes with realistic woodgrain or imitation stone.

Go for traditional country style

Give your space a farmhouse feel with classic Shaker-style cabinets and matching bath panels in a light-oak finish.

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